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IHRC India 

The purpose of International Human Rights Commission is to endorse, to unify and to start all the tasks that are needed in the establishment of very courageous act that one should do for the betterment of the society. Moreover, these acts must be centered on honesty and without any civil disobedience. 

International Human Rights Commissions India (IHRC India) is registered under government of India Reg. No. – 1498. IHRC India has a motto “every human being is born free and equal. We want to be a supporter of every platform that is the cause of any helpful or advantageous activity. IHRC India wish to be cooperative for the specific society that is struggling with deficiency of food, old aged people, widows or any individual who do not have shelter. We want to work in different fields regardless of any status, creed, religion or gender like:

What We Do ?

What is Human Rights ?

If we talk about human rights, these are elementary morals or the self-determination that is necessary for every society or every individual who lives in this world regardless of any religion and gender. These rights are for everyone, it does not matter how you live or where you live. No one can take these rights away from any individual. But at times these rights can be limited on an individual, and there might be reasons that the person has committed any law-breaking activity. These human rights are based on morals such as self-esteem, justice, regard or freedom. Hence, no one should be involved in human rights fight.

 To provide justice for Human rights, some authorities have formed human rights NGOs, and there are some international NGOs, every individual must have their access to justice.

A human rights groups are non Governmental organation which advocates for Human Rights through Identifiaction of volilations, collecting incident data, its analysis and publication, promotion of public awareness while condecting institutional advocacy and lobbying to halt these violations.­

These rights were sheltered by the national level  RTI act 2005

In what ways human rights can assist you.

Basically, these rights are for us all. You can never say that reasons are for those who face some sort of bad times or any kind of exploitation. These rights guarded you in every situation. In everyday life you will notice that you are under the protection of these rights. For instance:

  • You have every right of information or the freedom of information
  • You can have a better education, especially for the specific genders.
  • You can have your personal or family life.
  • You cannot be ill-treated or defame by the government or any individual.

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    Basic Human Rights

    Right to Equality

    Freedom from Discrimination

    Right to Life, Personal Security

    Freedom from Slavery

    Right to Own Property

    Right to Education

    Right to Marriage and Family

    Right to Social Security

    Right to Rest and Leisure


    Child Welfare

    International human rights commission India has ratified the fundamental rights of every child Globally. These rights comprise the rights of health, their education, provide them with the best environment for the playing, and to raise their standard of living. Children must be protected from any kind of abuse or maltreatment.


    The basic necessity of our society is to provide education, especially to those areas where it is not much valued. Regardless any gender discrimination everyone needs education. International human rights commission has taken very constructive steps towards education. Steps towards providing better programs, schools or the freedom of information.


    When a person wants to live a prosperous or peaceful life, in their basic needs, better job plays a significant role. International Human Rights Commission of India has stated that they want to or made some positive movements for the employment of the productive opportunities for healthy people.


    Apart from everything, health is the most essential factor in human lives. International human rights commission India has played a significant role in the health system in India. They have established hospitals, clinics or especially government hospitals that treat a person regardless any nationality, race,  gender or class.


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